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Overview of Hive Models

Companies often spend years and millions of dollars building machine learning models for specific problems, only to realize unsatisfactory performance. At Hive, our mission is to power innovators to solve these problems with practical AI solutions and data labeling, grounded in the world's highest quality visual and audio metadata.

Hive is comprised of two divisions, Data and Models. Hive Data leverages one of the largest distributed workforces in the world, with over five million users making millions of daily judgements to label data. The proprietary training data labeled by our workforce enables Hive to develop models that outperform competitors such as Amazon Rekognition and Google Cloud Vision.


Hive offers a set of trained models that are readily available to interface, as well as custom model development services to address customers' unique use cases. For an overview of Hive's model offerings, please visit the Hive Models overview page.