General Error Codes

Error Schemas
API Response:

return_code: number,
message: string,

Callback Response:

  id: string,
  project_id: number,
  metadata: string,
  opentok_metadata: any,
  error: string,
  error_code: number,
  resent_on?: string,
  resent_by?: string,
HTML StatusMeaning
200Ok – everything worked!
400Bad request – the request could not be accepted.
403Unauthorized – there is an issue with the API key.
404Not found – the page could not be found.
405You have insufficient balance in your Hive account.
429Too many requests – you’ve made too many requests to our API, please try again in a few minutes.
500Internal service error – we had a problem with our server. Please try again later.
503Service unavailable – we are temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.
504Gateway timeout – we are not able to fulfil your request at this time. Please try again later.