The NFT Search API allows you to compare a query image to Hive's library of existing NFT image assets in order to identity duplicates and other types of fraud. You can read more about our NFT Search project in our guide pages.


As input data, the NFT Search API accepts a single image file (specified via file path) or a link to the image. This link must be public in order to be readable by our API.


Here's an example of the full response object returned by the NFT Search API.

  "task_id": "dd52c0d0-9ec7-11ea-98a3-4b92424b8366",
  "project_id": 18416,
      "output": {
            "input": {
                  "url": "",
                  "url": "ipfs://QmdeH3Dm1FvL1ttVVcTWD5nTtUKjVMsjQXn5D2i8WrsHWA/6666.png",
                  "token_id": "string",
                  "contract_address": "string",
                  "token_url": "string",
                  "image_hash": "05cd5e3eaa08e234b42191a5de7979974b9a417d1cec234f05219e5e89b83b52", //example
                  "blockchain": "Ethereum" //example 
                  "metadata": {
                      "name": "this is the name of the nft",
                      "desc": "this is the description of the nft", 
                     // .... can also include "image", "attributes", "edition", etc. depending on the type of NFT
                 "similarity_score": 0.997

Results will be included in the "matches" object. If our model identifies multiple matches, the response will include a similar object for each matching NFT image asset. Generally, response fields include:

urlLink to hosting location of the matching NFT image asset: string
contract_addressUnique identifier for the smart contract that implements/references the matching NFT: string
token_idUnique identifier for the NFT (within the identified contract address) that references the matching image: string
token_urlLink to metadata file (link to image, descriptors etc.) referenced by the matching NFT: string
image_hashA cryptographic hash of the matching NFT image asset: string
blockchainName of the blockchain on which the token is located (e.g., "Ethereum," "Polygon"): string
metadataSubfields include names, descriptions, or attributes specified in the metadata file hosted at the token_url of the matching NFT: all strings
similarity_scoreSimilarity metric between the query image and the matching NFT image asset. Float value between 0 and 1. 1.0 indicates an exact match between the two images, while lower values indicate that the query image has been modified to some extent.