View Conversational Context

Moderating conversations is a crucial task for platforms, as it ensures that the content shared between users is safe and appropriate. However, it is also a highly challenging task, as it requires moderators to have a complete understanding of the context surrounding a message before they can make a proper judgement.

On the Dashboard, you can view context surrounding tasks in the Review Feed to allow for a moderator to accurately and effectively moderate conversations.

Start Sending Conversations to the Dashboard

To start sending conversations to the Dashboard, you will need to include a "conversation_id" field and optionally a "timestamp" field within the API request. The dashboard will use the "conversation_id" to group all related messages in the correct order.


Please Note

Each post (message) should still be sent in a separate API request. The Dashboard will use the conversation_id to group all related posts.

Conversation_ids must be unique ids that are separate from post_ids and user_ids.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'authorization: token 123456789' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "post_id": "post-1",
    "text_data": "Hey, hows it going?",
    "conversation_id": "123",
    "timestamp": 1682723130065

View Conversational Context

Once you start submitting the conversation ID, you will be able to view the context surrounding a given Review Feed task.

  • All messages sent by the user who's task is in review will be on the right side of the task tile.
  • All unique users part of the conversation will have their own task color
  • By default, 15 proceeding and 15 subsequent posts from the review task will be shown. If however, a moderator requires additional context, they can click into the review task and view the entire conversation history.
Click into a Review Task to view the entire conversation

Click into a Review Task to view the entire conversation