Logo Detection & Placement

Visual Detection Overview

Visual detection models localize an object of interest in an image by returning a box that bounds that object, as well as the type of that object, also referred to as the class. A detector can detect multiple objects of different classes per image. For each detection, a detector outputs a confidence score that is independent of any other detections.

The output object in Hive detection APIs lists each detected object, including:

  • The geometric description of the detected bounding box.
  • The predicted class for the detection.
  • For some model’s, the confidence score for the detection.

When submitting a video to be processed, Hive’s backend splits the video into frames, runs the model on each frame, then recombines the results into a combined response for the entire video. The video output for a detector is similar to a list of detection output objects, but with multiple timestamps.

Logo Detection

Hive’s logo model is the world’s most comprehensive logo model, boasting tens of millions of training labels and capable of recognizing 5,000+ logos. Our API's return detailed information on each logo in an image or video (location/size/clarity) as well as what kind of object the logo is placed on. Please contact our sales team for the complete list of logos or to inquire whether a specific logo is covered. Additional logos and locations can be requested on a rolling basis. For more information on use-cases and to see our models in action, see here.

Below is a list of our currently supported locations:

  • balls
  • cars
  • golf clubs
  • hats
  • headphones
  • helmets
  • jerseys
  • shoes
  • watches
  • basketball stanchions
  • fan areas
  • jumbotrons
  • lower-level banners
  • playing areas
  • upper-level banners
  • aerial stadium
  • media backdrop
  • stadium front