The Actions tab on the Dashboard allows you to create custom user and post actions that can either be triggered manually by a moderator, or through a matching rule.

Create & Test Actions

Actions can be triggered either through the Dashboard UI, or through auto-mod rules. When a user or post action is triggered, the dashboard will ping your callback server with the required metadata so that you can successfully execute the action on the correct user or post within your platform. The Dashboard expects an HTTP 200 OK success status response code to verify that the action has been taken. Any other response code will be treated as a failed action and will show up in the Actions Log.

You can customize the POST request we send to your server when creating an action:

  • Endpoint URL (Callback): This is the url we will ping when an action is triggered on the Dashboard. Each action should have a different callback url to differentiate between actions
  • Auth Header/Value: You can specify an Authorization header and token value (if your server requires one) so the Dashboard can communicate with the server
  • Query Params: The Dashboard will send all user and post meta data in the query parameters of the request. You can customize the key name and select the associated key type

Test Action:

  • To ensure that the action has been setup correctly, you can send a sample POST request to your server with test metadata
  • The status response code received by the Dashboard will be displayed
  • If you see HTTP 200 OK for the response code, the action has been setup correctly

Actions Log

The Actions Log shows all user and post actions triggered by the Dashboard. Both successful and failed actions will show up here. If an action was triggered, and the Dashboard received a 200 OK status response code, that action will be considered successful. If the Dashboard receives any other status response, that action will be considered a failed action.

Each time there is a new failed action, a red dot will appear beside the Action Log title to notify there are failed actions. Once you have acknowledged all failed actions, you can mark all failed actions as read. Once you clear all failed actions, the red notification will reset.