Web Intelligence - Reverse Image Search

Web Intelligence Overview

Web Intelligence is a suite of features to retrieve meaningful content and context out of content that exists on the public web.

Hive crawls and indexes the web on a continuous basis and runs a selection of ML Models to generate useful and searchable metadata out of an otherwise opaque data set.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search allow a user to submit images, and receive a list of image URLs, backlinks, and similarity scores from the web.

How it works
We start by fingerprinting over 10 Billion images on the public web and indexing them so that they are easily searchables against any submitted image.

This will capture both exact matches to the submitted image, as well as resized or otherwise lightly modified versions of the image.

Response Fields

The URL to the image that matches the input image

The URL of the webpage that references the matching image

Value from 0-1, where 1 indicates an exact match, and lower numbers indicate an image that is resized or modified to some extent.

What’s Next

See API Reference below for sample response object.