AI-Generated Media Recognition


Hive's AI-Generated Media Recognition API takes an input image and determines whether or not that image is entirely AI-generated. The model was trained on a large dataset comprising millions of artificially generated images and human-created images such as photographs, digital and traditional art, and memes sourced from across the web. Our response returns not only whether or not the artwork was classified as AI-generated, but also which image synthesis model created it. Confidence scores are provided for each classification for easy interpretation of results. This API allows digital platforms such as online art communities to moderate posted artworks and enact bans on AI-generated images.


The AI-Generated Media Recognition API has two heads:

Generation classification: ai_generated, not_ai_generated
Source classification: dalle, midjourney, stablediffusion, hive, gan, bingimagecreator, adobefirefly, kandinsky, stablediffusionxl, or none (no source identified)

The confidence scores for each model head sum to 1.

The first head gives a binary classification for all images, identifying whether or not they were AI generated and the accompanying confidence score. The second head provides further details as to the image's source, with support for the most popular AI art generators currently in use. If the model cannot identify a source, it will return none under the source head.

To see an annotated example of an API response object for our classification models, you can visit our API reference page.


More image sources coming soon!

As AI-generated artwork continues its rapid growth in popularity, we will update our model to incorporate emerging artwork generation models. To learn more or request additional sources be added, please contact [email protected].

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